Piano Removalists in Sydney

Pianos are one of the most valuable things for many individuals. The feelings associated with the piano are well understood by Speedy Move. Moving a piano is more difficult than moving any other piece of furniture because of its size and fragility.

It’s not easy to discover the greatest, most cost-effective, and most dependable movers. Maintaining a high level of service for an extended period is difficult. Nonetheless, we can proudly declare that Speedy Move has developed the best service via our continual efforts to delight our consumers and deliver our best.

Piano Removalists Services

We know how to handle and carry pianos safely since we understand their unique structure and complex requirements. We provide a variety of services, including:

Piano Transportation

We provide moving services to many clients, including personal, commercial, and government clients. We can transport pianos by moving and storing them, guaranteeing that they are delivered and picked up on time.

You can rely on Speedy Move’s expertise if you need a piano. No one else knows how to move substantial grand pianos with the same level of care as we do. When relocating a valuable object like a grand piano, you need a team of professionals who know what they’re doing.

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    Piano Storage

    We also have a secure storage facility where you can store your piano. All varieties of pianos can be stored with us, and we ensure that your piano is adequately protected from damage.

    We provide a variety of piano storage options, as well as the ability to disassemble more extensive grand pianos for greater protection and storage.

    Piano Relocation

    We transport pianos to your new house and across Sydney. Our team consists of highly skilled individuals with extensive technical experience in the art of moving your priceless piano.

    Our team is familiar with a piano’s internal workings and carefully wraps it in special blankets with all its attachments for easy transport. Our goal is to make transporting your piano as easy and stress-free as possible.

    Speedy Move is the only company you can trust because we understand how valuable your piano is to you. We take extra measures throughout all transfers, and our vehicle is perfectly equipped to preserve your valuable piano, ensuring its safety and security.

    Professional Piano Removalists in Sydney


    With over 8 years of experience, Speedy Move has been moving pianos in Sydney. We transfer various types of pianos, as well as providing short and long-term piano storage and removing unwanted pianos. Our piano moving service is available throughout Sydney.

    Fully Equipped

    Unlike moving regular furniture, relocating pianos requires all of the necessary tools to ensure that your pianos are moved securely and promptly. We have a variety of trolleys that are designed to manage the large weight of pianos. To ensure that your pianos are properly protected, they are wrapped. For safe and efficient loading of your pianos, all of our trucks are equipped with a wide platform tail lift.


    To avoid any accidents or damage to your pianos, you should employ a professional piano removalist like us. All of our piano movers in Sydney are fully trained and have years of experience.

    Fully Protected

    Before relocating the piano, every measure will be taken to ensure that it is safely wrapped. Our heavy-duty loading platform is used to carry pianos, which are then safely secured to our trucks. All of our jobs are covered for property damage as well as any damage to the piano during removals and transit.

    Our Process for Piano Removalists in Sydney

    • When our skilled piano removalists arrive at your place, they will perform the following steps:
    • With the help of the right moving tools, we promptly begin disassembling your piano after our moving team arrives.
    • We move the piano with high-tech tools and moving equipment, which lessens the stress and strain on your arms.
    • The disassembled piano parts are all packed with high-quality packing materials.
    • After packaging, reliable piano removals experts move the piano to the truck.
    • The team manager double-checks everything at the end of the moving process to assure the piano’s safety throughout transport.
    • When our professional piano movers arrive at the destination, they unload and unpack your piano safely. They rapidly reconstruct your piano and safely place it in the preferred corner of your new home.

    Our Piano Removalists Service is your Advantage

    Moving a piano requires the expertise of a professional mover. We take satisfaction in executing piano relocation professionally and successfully, ensuring that your piano and home remain intact. We understand that having faith in your movers is just as vital as having your stuff moved quickly. So, don’t take the chance of scratching or otherwise ruining your piano; instead, choose us to make your piano relocation a success.

    Why Choose Speedy Move?

    1. We guarantee that our service will be completely hassle-free. As a result, while you spend your time as you choose, we work diligently to move your precious possession with the highest care and protection.
    2. Our team members have developed outstanding skills and strategies for moving pianos from one area to another without leaving a scratch.
    3. During our working hours, we are constantly looking for methods to improve our services to our clients.
    4. Our main goal is to ensure that our customers are delighted.
    5. To provide superior services, we employ high-tech tools and equipment.
    6. You can take advantage of our services for a very low cost.
    7. We will transport your piano on time. As a result, we give quick service.
    8. Our piano moving services are available across Sydney.

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    Thank you for your service. Ali is awesome. He is very friendly and perfect in his work. I recommend him with five stars. Thank you!
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    Hired Oliver and the boys for commercial transportation, more than happy with the experience. Very professional work and great pricing. Will definitely use again!!!
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    Speedy move helped me to move my office from Brisbane to Sydney. I was happy with the service and the price. Thank you so much.
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    I was living in Melbourne I was stress about moving home from Melbourne to Sydney Australia but suddenly I saw the Speedy Move post on Facebook then contact Speedy Move for moving home.Speedy Move and his professional team help me to move our Home from Melbourne to Sydney. I'm very happy and Satisfied with Speedy Move Services.