How to Make Your First-Time Move Stress Free


House moving can be stressful for everyone, whether across town or the nation. While it may be tempting to put off planning until the last minute if you’re wondering how to make your first-time move stress free, then being proactive is ideal.

How to Make Your First-Time Move Stress Free

While moving is never pleasant for anyone, there are several techniques to pack and unpack more quickly, do the job more efficiently, and ultimately make the process go a little more smoothly. You can improve your relocation by using our best packing and moving techniques for yourself.

Follow the below advice to manage your moving or hire a stress-free moving company. You’ll have plenty of time to unwind and genuinely relish the momentous changes ahead.


How to Pack a House Quickly


Make a to-do list for moving day.

Keep a list of everything that needs to be done on moving day on your phone or a piece of paper, and cross things off as you finish them. Some chores, like loading the truck, will be obvious. Others you can overlook include giving your home one final inspection to look for lost goods or giving your landlord the keys.


Pack a few weeks in advance.

Go from top to bottom in your home. Make a list of everything you wish to bring and decide what will stay at home. You now have the chance to choose what you will keep.

Keep your valuables and essential documents separate from the rest of your luggage. Note what goes in storage, what has to be recycled, and what should be donated. Making an organised plan for what you will pack and what you won’t; helps you move houses under less strain.


Plan ahead

Making poor planning decisions could cause you to experience moving stress. Make a “to-do” list of everything that needs to be done before the relocation to plan and prevent unforeseen issues. This might comprise:


The following steps should be taken before moving:

  1. Purchasing the necessary supplies for packing and unpacking your home (boxes and tape);
  2. Arranging time off from work;
  3. Scheduling the move;
  4. Canceling bills in your current home;
  5. Changing your billing address;
  6. Setting up utilities like gas, electricity, water, and WIFI before moving.


How to Make Your First-Time Move Stress Free

Hire a Removal Company

It’s advised against trying to move alone. One of the best methods to ease the strain of moving and packing is to do this.

The pressure will be reduced because removal companies handle most labor-intensive tasks. If you are hiring a professional, make sure to get in touch with Speedy Move in advance. Removal firms typically offer to deconstruct and reassemble your furniture and can assist with moving important things without causing any harm.


Consider the move positively.

Positivity during the move gives you a new perspective while organising and furnishing your new home to become your dream home. It may allow you to start over and create a new beginning in the new neighborhood with new friends and family.


Use the Proper Storage Boxes

Use the right cardboard boxes when you begin packing for the relocation. These typically come in a variety of standard sizes and are corrugated. Avoid the desire to use unusual boxes from supermarkets, shops, or shopping centers. These boxes are more vital, to begin with. Loading them in a store or the last vehicle during the transfer is much safer because they are all standard sizes.

Your possessions are much less likely to be harmed during shipment. Are you packing your belongings in the appropriate boxes? Using our packing guide, you can determine which boxes are suitable for which things.


Colour-code boxes or Label boxes

Invest in a sheet of colourful stickers and give each colour room to save time when naming your boxes. You won’t have to look for the marker every time you seal a box, and you’ll be able to identify what belongs where immediately.


Make moving day preparations.

Make sure you set aside a bag of necessities marked not to be packed for you to carry separately from the move a day or two before the relocation. A change of clothes, phone and laptop charges, valuables, medications, toiletries (including soap, face wash, toothbrushes, and toothpaste), toiletries, and anything else you use regularly could be included.

This guarantees you won’t lose any valuables or necessities in the early days after your transfer.


Take care of yourself.

Taking care of oneself while moving, packing, and unpacking is crucial. To prevent weariness, refrain from exerting too much effort throughout the process. Be sure to get enough sleep so that you and your family can move with the proper energy. While packing, pause and don’t forget to eat well. Stress associated with moving will be reduced.


Pick a suitable date.

The first day of the week is the ideal time to organise your move. Removalists and packers typically have greater availability to accommodate you on your selected date. Streets are typically less crowded at the start of the week. This makes parking trucks and moving furniture for you and the movers safer and more straightforward.

Genius Moving Hacks

The following are the moving hacks that help you move stress-free and quickly.

  • Make a moving checklist
  • Make an essential bag
  • Pack your important things in it.
  • Have an open first box.
  • Before you move, purge everything.
  • Use clothes/towels to wrap breakable items.
  • Make your bed first thing after moving in.
  • Label the side of your boxes with the pen, not the top.
  • Get smaller boxes.
  • Use suitcases to pack your belongings.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the moving hacks for clothes?

The following are the moving hacks for clothes that will help you how to keep things in luggage and boxes.

  • Use closet boxes.
  • Leave the clothes in the closet.
  • Wrap hanging clothes.
  • Vacuum seal off-season clothes.
  • Separately wrap shoes and delicate.
  • Create “bundles” of apparel.
  • Clothing is heavy; use little boxes.
  • Use luggage to move a wardrobe.


How can I stop stressing when I move?

This list of seven suggestions will help you move less stressfully. Recognise that moving-related stress is a regular part of the process. However, acceptance is the first step in overcoming the stress of moving.

  • Give yourself sufficient time.
  • Start slowly.
  • Stay arranged.
  • Hire movers such as Speedy Move.
  • Ask for help.
  • Get some sleep.


Keep in touch with us.

You must plan your relocation and have a moving house checklist regardless of the time frame. If everything is planned out properly, your relocation should go smoothly. Once more, you should approach the day of your relocation step by step, beginning with the simple tasks.

So, if you want to hire professional movers to make your first-time move stress free – you’ve come to the right place. You may rely on Speedy Move for help with packing and relocating. What are you waiting for? Call us right away at 1300687070.