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Speedy Move knows that relocating an office can be a stressful process. That’s why we prioritise completing your relocation quickly, gently, and with as little disruption to your working week as possible. Our professional office movers have handled several commercial relocations and understand how critical it is that your company’s productivity is not harmed throughout the process.

Our Services

We are well aware of the difficulties that come with moving office equipment. For your peace of mind, our skilled staff is available promptly, safely, and with minimal inconvenience to assist with business transfers of any size.

From the beginning, we’ve taken care of all facets of your relocation. From detailed planning in the early stages with the help of our skilled project managers to the careful packing of delicate office equipment, we’ve got you covered.

With Speedy Move, you can make your office relocation stress-free and straightforward.

  • Relocation services for companies
  • Removals with a difference
  • Packing and unpacking services for offices
  • Organising an Office Relocation
  • Makes decisions outside of workplace hours

Our Specialties

  1. Large-scale commercial relocations and removals
  2. Solutions for pre-packing and unpacking
  3. Safe commercial and personal storage
  4. Moves outside of working hours
  5. Micro-moves and minor office shuffles.

Your move is in capable hands for all your office relocation needs in Sydney. You can trust Speedy Move as a removalist company.

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How do we make removals quick and easy?

We have a team of experienced professionals with the skills and experience necessary to do removals flawless and stress-free. For each organisation, we undertake on-site assessments so that we can plan and execute removals efficiently and successfully.

Pre-move Evaluations

Our Sydney removalists do pre-move inspections to determine the most effective packing and placement of your belongings at your new location. We’ll show up at your door to assist you with your move. Similarly, we will be at your new location at the agreed-upon time to assist you with moving in. We will do everything possible to minimise downtime and ensure a smooth transition for your company.

Trouble-free and Reliable Packing

Make the most of your time and efforts. Allow our professional movers to pack your furniture, appliances, and documents. Our Sydney removalists will ensure that sensitive company documents are correctly handled. Before the relocation, we organise everything to make unpacking as quick as possible.

Professional Removals in Sydney

Moving your business to a new location can be stressful and difficult. You can relocate with confidence with the help of our Sydney removalists. Our team can carry all of your belongings anywhere in the city. We have the experience, expertise, and resources to ensure safe and effective workplace relocation.

Why Choose Speedy Move as your best Office Removalists Service in Sydney?

  1. We’ve been moving and relocating offices for more than eight years.
  2. Our movers understand the value of speed and efficiency in office relocations.
  3. We treat your furniture and equipment with the utmost care during the transfer.
  4. We know your company’s budget and can provide capped pricing for larger commercial relocations.
  5. We believe relocations are stressful enough for your company, so we’ve kept our costs low.
  6. Our staffs have the experience and training to handle any unexpected circumstances that may arise during your move.

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