12 Amazing Tricks to Make Your Relocation Easy


Household moves require time and effort and are indeed unpleasant. Fortunately, these moving and packing suggestions might help calm your nerves during the process.

Do you want to know how to relocate quickly and easily? Are you curious about what not to pack when moving? If so, some of these moving tips and tricks from a professional organiser such as Speedy Move may help you approach moving more positively. Spend some time becoming familiar with these clever and moving tactics that might help set the tone for your relocation.

Genius Moving Hacks

Starting earlier rather than later is the most excellent strategy for packing for a move. To help you get started, here are some moving hacks packing before we discuss advice and tricks.

1. Throw Unnecessary Things

Packing all of your belongings into boxes, bags, and other containers might be exhausting. By reducing clutter as much as possible, you can make your life a little bit easier. Do a ruthless cleanse of useless objects before you pack a single box. You’ll start life in your new space with a clean slate and have less to pack, move, and unpack.

2. Make a Budget and Relocation Checklist

Create a timeline for your moving checklist before anything else. Each person’s timeframe will appear different depending on how much warning is given prior to the move. Some individuals may have two months, while others only have two weeks. Include a reasonable relocation budget next.

You can maintain control of the situation as it develops by visually planning your action. Put our exhaustive moving checklist inside the appropriate moving binder.

3. Pack your Bags Early

Ideally, you will be aware of a move weeks or even months in advance (even if you are unsure of the final destination). Pack the goods you won’t miss and off-season clothing first. You can also pack your winter jackets in advance if you’re relocating in the summer, as may probably be books and other sporadic goods. Many objects will already be prepared to move when the time comes, reducing your worry.

4. Purchase Moving Boxes

It’s tempting to visit your neighbourhood food store to obtain some boxes for nothing. However, moving boxes are reasonably priced, and the extra durability may be worthwhile.

Due to wear, moisture exposure, or even worse, a bug infestation, grocery boxes and repurposed moving boxes can get contaminated. The last thing you need when you lug a box into the house is for it to start to fall apart in your hands.

5. Give a unique Colour packing label to each box.

Print out multicoloured packing labels or use various coloured masking tape to give each room its colour to stay organised. Each box’s contents should be listed along with the room it belongs in. Then, in your new home, mark-room entrances with colourful tape. Movers can save a ton of time by using this moving trick. We can match colours without having to read the label directly or play the room guessing game.

6. Make plans for the pickup of donations.

Plan a pickup if you know you’ll be giving large goods like furniture and rugs to ensure that an organisation will pick them up. Look through this list of nonprofit organisations that will pick up your donations so you won’t have to stress about how you’re going to get everything there.

7. Leave some space when packing clothes.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of packing can be clothing. The key is to minimise the amount of space clothing takes up since, if you’re not careful, too much clothing can take up most of the moving truck.

Clothing packing tips that save space:

  • Garbage bags can be used to pack hanging garments by punching a hole in the top and draping the bag over a row of hooks.
  • To save space, roll your clothes instead of folding them.

8. Utilize your towels, linens, and other soft stuff for breakable things

Use linens and towels to cushion delicate, challenging-to-wrap goods like lamps and vases, and wrap breakables like glassware or perfume bottles in socks for serious padding. Use dish towels to wrap knives and other pointed objects in the kitchen safely, and fasten them with a rubber band. How many household goods you already have on hand can be used for packing will surprise you.

9. To prevent leaks, use plastic wrap.

Carefully clean up anything that might leak. A shampoo bottle, for example, that appears to be tightly sealed outside of a box, can somehow miraculously figure out a way to spill over all of your other possessions. In this instance, keep dry things and any toiletries apart from one another. Additionally, think about adding a second seal between the bottle and the lid with plastic wrap.

10. Put together a moving essentials bag.

The personal items you’ll need access to during the move and as soon as you get to your new home, such as crucial documents, medications, chargers, basic toiletries, a few extra sets of clothes, etc., should be packed in a small duffel bag or suitcase.

12 Amazing Tricks to Make Your Relocation Easy

11. To open boxes easier, use wool string.

Make a pull tab to open moving boxes without using box cutters or scissors. The closed box flaps need to have a piece of wool string placed in the centre, with extra string left hanging on the edges. Make sure there is a little bit of string left untapped on end before covering it with tape and using moving tape to seal the box.

12. Don’t rush to save time.

Moving necessitates taking your time, which could seem counterintuitive. Avoid hurriedly and mindlessly placing items onto the moving truck. If something is lost or destroyed, this error might come in handy. Rushing about will also make you feel a lot more stressed out. Be thorough but take your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make moving less difficult?

The below-mentioned tips for packing to move can help you relocate more easily

  • Plan the relocation.
  • Donate whatever you don’t need.
  • Prepare your suitcase in advance.
  • Make arrangements for expert movers.
  • Choose the appropriate van.
  • Make a bag for essentials.
  • Keep your movers in the loop.

How can I make moving more fun?

To make moving fun, follow the below-mentioned tips

  • Play music.
  • Create contests and games.
  • Decorate some of the boxes.
  • On moving day, dress formally.
  • Prepare a special lunch.
  • Throw a gathering to unpack.

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